The decisive resource of our company is the team of experts having a wealth of skill and experience in legal protection and judicial defence of intellectual rights, in negotiating, concluding license agreements, forensic examination, and patent information research in a wide variety of technical and scientific fields.

  • Ekaterina Romanova
    Ekaterina RomanovaPatent attorney
  • Dmitry Borovsky
    Dmitry BorovskyPatent attorney
  • Natalia Romanova
    Natalia RomanovaPatent attorney
  • Ekaterina Astakhova
    Ekaterina AstakhovaPatent attorney
  • Elena Saldina
    Elena SaldinaPatent attorney
  • Irina Luchkova
    Irina LuchkovaPatent attorney
  • Victoria Firfarova
    Victoria FirfarovaPatent attorney
  • Elena Gembitskaya
    Elena GembitskayaPatent attorney