A trademark is a distinctive symbol that identifies particular products of a trader to the general public.

This term also may apply to service marks to individualize works and services.


A registered trademark plays an indispensable role for a successful business, contributes much to recognition of merchandise, makers, and sellers, builds confidence in them and acts both as an object and subject of advertising.

As trademarks could serve and be under protection verbal, graphic, 3-D, and other types (for example, audio) of symbols, as well as combinations of such. 

Trademarks are subject to registration under the 45 classes of goods and services as per the International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS).

The fullness of rights for a trademark belongs to the one who is the first to register it under his name. Very often this circumstance is seized upon by the so-called “name squatters”, who hunt out and record under their own names trademarks in force but not duly registered for this or another reason.

Trademark registration is the most reliable way to protect your trademark in the market.



Database search for Russian and international trademarks, company names, and, if necessary, industrial models.

A conclusion is provided with recommendations and detected initial symbols appended.


Application preparation (classifying goods and services, drawing up the description, etc.) and filing with further support through correspondence with the Patent Office by means of online systems until the patent is granted.

Negotiations with the opposed trademark holders on their consent to register a client’s symbol. Given there are reasons, attacking the nuisance symbols.


Trademark validity is to be renewed every 10 years. Failure to pay the fee on time results in termination of the trademark protection.

It is essential that all changes to the trademark holder's name and address are registered in a timely manner.