International protection of rights

Patenting of inventions and utility models abroad.

Protection of inventions and utility models is valid only in those states where they are patented.

International Patenting under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)


  • This allows you to be granted patents in any of the 152 countries by filing a single application.
  • Transition to the national phase in selected countries within 20 or 30 months from the priority date.
  • Acquisition of protective documents in each country.

European Patent Office (EPO)

Allows you to get coverage of an invention in 38 EU countries by filing a single application.

An application is filed through a European patent attorney in one of the EPO official languages (German, English, French). The countries where protection is sought are determined.

Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO)

Allows to get protection of an invention in 8 countries of the Eurasian organization by filing a single application.


  • Filing an application does not require indication of the member States and, accordingly, fee payment.
  • The application is filed in Russian and no translation into individual national languages is required if the patent is to be obtained in certain specified states.
  • No additional annual fees are required to maintain an application valid in the course of proceeding.
  • After a Eurasian patent issuance, annual fees for maintaining it in force are paid centrally to the Office.

National patent in a single country


  • An application is to be filed in the language of the selected country through a foreign patent attorney.
  • Payment of fees and patent attorney services.
  • The application proceeding in the national patent office.
  • Acquisition of a protective document.

In a number of countries, not only an invention but also a utility model may be patented.

Trademark Registration Abroad

A trademark protection is in force only in the countries of its registration.

International Registration within Madrid System

The Madrid System allows to protect a trademark in 112 countries of the would by filing one application, which may significantly reduce the costs of registration in several countries at a time.


  • A single application is to be filed for several countries in one language with one receiving office (WIPO International Bureau) without involving foreign representatives.
  • A sole fee is paid to WIPO.

Registration at a Regional Office

There are international organizations that provide trademark protection over several countries simultaneously:

  • EUIPO is the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
  • BOIP is the Benelux countries Intellectual Property Office.
  • OAPI  is the African Intellectual Property Organization (Organisation africaine de la propriété intellectuelle).
  • ARIPO - African Regional Intellectual Property Organization.

An application is filed through a patent attorney or lawyer of one of the regional organization countries. This is a variant beneficial in case of registering in at least two countries within one organization.

Registration at a National Office

An application is to be filed with the office of a selected country in its state language usually through a local patent attorney or lawyer.

This may be beneficial for registering in 1 to 3 countries, and in case a country is not included in the Madrid System.

Registration of Industrial Models Abroad

Coverage for industrial models may be provided only in the territory of those states where the patents or certificates for them have been issued.

International Registration within Hague System

Industrial models may be protected in different countries by filing one application within the Hague System of international registration. The system permits to get protection for design in 90 countries with great savings in patenting costs.

Registration at a National Office

In the territories that have not joined the Hague system, protection is provided by patenting according to their national procedures and, as a general practice, through national patent attorneys.