This is the most expeditious method in the modern legal system to protect an embodiment of an invention.

A Brief of the Object

A utility model to be protected is an embodiment of a device in any field. The protection chart to confirm the author, priority and prerogative rights of a utility model is the Patent.

The conditions of utility model patentability: the solution shall be novel, i. e. its cumulative essential features shall be unknown from the prior art; the solution shall be commercially applicable, i. e. imply practical use in industry, agriculture, health protection, and other fields of activity.

The volume of legal protection granted by a utility patent is defined by an appropriate formula. Therefore, to document a design as a utility model it is important to reveal and formularize correctly the properties inherent in the embodiment for drafting claims providing maximum legal safeguard of the utility model.

Substantive examination is not held. The patent is produced on the applicant’s own responsibility. Duration of the patent for utility model is 13 years from the priority date (10 years + 3 if extended).

Registration Procedure

Legal implementation of the rights for a utility model begins from searching patent information in Russian and foreign databases. Such inquiry is necessary for the given prior art examination and detection of analogues. Then, in concert with the author application documents are prepared for presenting to the Patent Office (texts of the claims, description, and abstract of the utility model are drafted, illustrations are depicted).

The expert examination of the application includes proving the documentation package integrity and exactness. Besides, the conformity to the demand of unity is scrutinized, as well as the fact whether the claimed implementation does not fall within the scope of utility models already under protection. The survey occupies about 4 to 6 months. In the course of the examination negotiations with the expert are held, the expert’s inquiries are replied, and the patent claims are amended.

A positive expertise results in the decision to issue the patent after an appropriate fee is paid. Within 4 months after a copy of the payment order is presented to the Rospatent the utility model is registered and the patent is issued. After receipt of the patent the patent annuity is to be paid for holding the patent in force. If required, our specialists can provide monitoring of the terms and rates of the yearly payments, as well as assist you in preparing drawings, charts, and diagrams.

Data necessary for agreement and starting the procedure:

  1. Applicant ID: a copy of pp. 1-2 of the organization Charter or the Registration Certificates of an individual entrepreneur; OKPO (ОКПО), INN (ИНН), and KBK (КБК) Codes; organization particulars for the contract; duplicate of the passport of a physical person.
  2. A short description of the object including the purpose and scope of usage.
  3. List of analogues (if available), patent search report (if available).
  4. Author data (last, first, and middle names, residential address with all indices).





Off. Fee (RUR)*

Our fee (EUR)


New application OR Initiating National phase:

Filing a new application with the Russian Patent Office, paying filing fees(with up to 25 claims)




For each independent claim >1



1 b

For each sheet of specification in addition to 30




Claiming priority (each priority) and filing a priority document (except regional phase)




Forwarding and checking decision to grant a patent, filing a declaration of approval, paying granting fees, checking and forwarding the official certificate; expenses for copies and postage




1st year

1350,00 RUR

7th year

5400,00 RUR

2nd year

1350,00 RUR

8th year

5400,00 RUR

3rd year

2700,00 RUR

9th year

8100,00 RUR

4th year

2700,00 RUR

10th year

8100,00 RUR

5th year

4050,00 RUR

11th year- 13th year

12150,00 RUR

6th year

4050,00 RUR



  • Watching and paying annuity fees: 130 EUR for year
  • Reporting charge 30 EUR
  • Translation from English or German to Russian (per 100 words of English) — 13 EUR


  • Coping or printing per page 2 EUR per 10 pages.
  • Filling an amendment is for changing name/address/nationality 100 EUR

Postage and bank services will be charged extra.

Registration of assignment contract 150 EUR

All other services are based upon the time spent —100 EUR in hour (including redrafting of claims and specification, preparation and filing reply to official action, subsequent filing of documents and so on).

* It is possible to pay in EURO or US dollars according to the actual Rub — € or $ course.