All computer software copyrights are reserved similarly to literary copyrights. At the same time, a right holder can register at his own will a computer program or a database at the Federal Agency of intellectual property (ROSPATENT). Such registration has apparent advantages: the documented date of software creation and author’s data might become a warranty factor should legal collisions occur.

A Brief of the Object

A computer program is a package of data and commands represented objectively and intended for operation of and on a computer or another CPU-device for achieving a definite purpose, which package comprises preparatory materials obtained in the process of developing the computer program, as well as audio and video rendering.

Legislation concedes unlimited free replay of creative works for private ends without consent of the author or another right holder, except for execution of computer programs, activation of databases, or their essential parts.

The author or another right holder of a program enjoys the exclusive right to use a creative product of his own in any legally acceptable form and manner (the exclusive right for a creative product).

Under such conditions agreements on alienation of the exclusive right for a registered computer program or a database, as well as transfer of the exclusive right for such program or database to other persons without an agreement are subject to state registration by the Federal Agency of intellectual property. Information about changes of exclusive right holders is enrolled in the Register of Computer Programs or the Register of Databases on the ground of recorded agreements or another regulatory instrument and published in the official Bulletin of the Federal Agency of intellectual property.

As regards transfer of the utilization right under a license agreement, such an agreement is not liable to state registration.

A license agreement regulating the right of utilizing computer programs or databases is allowed to be concluded by each user with the relevant right holder in the form of an association agreement, provisions of which are put in the copy of such program or database, or on the packing of such copy. The said provisions determine the beginning of the program or database operation by a user as the user’s entering the agreement.

Registration Procedure

The form of application for registration of a computer program or database is regulated by the Federal Agency of intellectual property.

Following the precepts of law in effect our specialists will support you in documenting the application and supervise the process of registering a program at the Federal Agency.

On the basis of the submitted application the Federal Agency will check completeness and conformance of the set of documents. In the case of positive expertise the Federal Agency enrolls the computer program or database in the Register of Computer Programs and the Register of Databases, grants the Certificate of State Registration to the applicant and publishes the data of the registered computer program or database in the official Bulletin.

Data necessary for agreement and starting the procedure:

  1. Applicant ID: a copy of pp. 1-2 of the organization Charter or the Registration Certificates of an individual entrepreneur; OKPO (ОКПО), INN (ИНН), and KBK (КБК) Codes; organization particulars for the contract; duplicate of the passport of a physical person.
  2. Information on the registration object.
  3. Summary with abstract.
  4. Printed listing.
  5. Author data (last, first, and middle names, residential address with all indices).