An agreement made up properly provides maximum safeguard of your interests and helps to avoid disputes in its executing. An agreement which has not passed an expert review may turn out to be a weapon of a raider attack on your business.

Right Transfer Agreements in Brief

Rights for products of intellectual activity can be transferred under such agreements as: optional, license, commercial concession (franchising), exclusive right assignment, etc.

Very critical is how an agreement is composed, how completely and minutely the parties' rights and liabilities are determined.In some cases transfer of rights for intellectual property is valid only after state registration of the agreement. An agreement is subject to obligatory registration when it concerns the objects legal protection of which inures exclusively under the condition of state registration (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, and trademarks),as well as the right objects voluntarily state-registrated by the right owner himself (computer programs, databases). All the agreements mentioned take effect only after their state registration in the ROSPATENT.

Services We Render

We are glad to offer you: assistance in drawing up an agreement, support in negotiations, revision of a draft agreement proposed by your contractor.

The agreement satisfying all statutory requirements and other documents including the application and confirmation of payment will be submitted for registration to the Rospatent. In the Rospatent the agreement will be subjected to an expert inspection. The parties concerned may be directed inquiries, to which we can prepare replies for you.

Within two months after acceptance of the agreement by the Rospatent the document is recorded and sent to the parties.

To start our work we need:

  • For drafting an agreement: duplicates of the parties' constituent documents; duplicates of the protection documents representing the agreement subject; estimation of the ambit of the rights transferred (territory, time limit, and etc.)
  • For registering an agreement: copies of the agreement signed by the parties; duplicates of constituent documents of the parties;duplicates of the protection documents representing the agreement subject; confirmation of paid due.