We offer you not simply diverse legal services but work out optimized and customized strategy and tactics of protection of your interests.

A Brief of Services

It is important not only to legalize the rights for objects of intellectual property, but also to secure them from piracy, raidership, and unfair competitors.

As a rule, violations are of a complex nature. Practice shows that: unauthorized employment of other’s marks can be qualified as concurrent violation of exclusive rights to a trademark, a service mark, a trade name and a commercial designation; as an act of unfair competition; as unfair and unreliable advertising. And this enumeration is not by a long way complete. Therefore, to make the efforts against violators effective it is necessary to resist in various directions simultaneously: within the limits of legislation on intellectual property, on defense of competition, on advertising, and etc. The affected interests can be protected through administrative, civil, arbitration, or criminal proceeding, alternatively or concurrently.

How We Coordinate with You

Representing the parties concerned we pursue matters in courts, in the ROSPATENT Chamber of Patent Disputes, in the Federal Antimonopoly Service, expertize in courts of any jurisdiction and instance. The wealth of our experience is at your disposal!

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