PatentVolgaService staff is also certified specialists in the field of exclusive right assessment. For the purpose of this activity, the specialized firm — limited liability company «OtsenkaVolgaService» has been established that is oriented to conduct the assessment of objects of patent right, exclusive copyrights, and results of intellectual activity. Specialists — the appraisers of «OtsenkaVolgaService» are the members of self-organized board of appraisers NP «SMAO».

Objects of Assessment

Objects of the industrial property (patent right) are inventions, industrial models, utility models, trademarks and service marks, and names of the places of the product origin.

Objects of copyright are the literature, art, music, audio and video products, and other products; technical products, such as scientific results, constructor and technology documentations, R&D reports, topologies of integral microchips, data base, and computer programs. The objects of intellectual property (OIP) can be also official and/or commercial secrets, or know-how — information of commercial value that is unknown to a third party; protected information without free access by law.

As a commercial secret or know-how can be considered the following objects:

  • constructor, technology, design and other documentation for industrial, marketing, and commerce use;
  • unpatented inventions, claims, trial design, prototypes, results of tests and experiments;
  • systems of organization of production (industrial engineering), marketing, product and service quality control;
  • industrial know-how and staff training;
  • other results of scientific, R&D, and technology research, innovation and industrial work, which are not patentable by their form.

Our staff has experience in assessment of such objects of headwork as inventions, utility models, industrial models, computer programs, data bases, know-how, trademarks, etc. The assessment work has been conducted by us for the most various purposes: for a payment in an authorized capital stock, for conclusion of license contracts, for acceptance to book keeping, for indemnification as a result of infringement of exclusive rights, for attraction of investments, etc.

Specificity of Assessment Activity

The works connected with an estimation of intellectual property (non-material actives) differ from other assessment works.

In contrast to, for example, an estimation of material actives (real estate, cars, equipment, etc.) the activity in the field of intellectual property assessment is connected to the necessity of the knowledge of the patent and copyright legislations. Therefore, the intellectual property assessment is rather specific and, perhaps, the most difficult kind of works from the spectrum of assessment services offered in the market.

As a rule, from the existing kinds of estimated cost for the objects of intellectual property (OIP) and non material actives (NMA) the most demanded is the estimation of their market value defined by the cost-is-no-object approach, the comparative or profitable approach. However the works connected with the estimation of cost of the rights to various objects of intellectual property has the specificity. It differs from the estimation of cost of the real estate, cars, and equipment as to its origin. Thus, it is not always possible to define the breadth of possibility of the specific object use in manufacturing, the magnitude of its influence on the profitableness of this manufacturing and on the growth of cost of the enterprise. Therefore, the estimation of even two identical objects of intellectual property (for example, inventions) allows quite large divergences.

The process of cost estimation of intellectual property demands studying and complex consideration of all legal, economic, technical, ergonomic, and art aspects. For example, it is impossible to define the price of the technology without carrying out the detailed analysis of its technical practicability, volume of its right protection, stage of its life cycle, the market condition and dynamics, the features of pricing, and also the possibility of infringement of the rights of the third parties. Thus, it is necessary to consider the unique features of separate OIP that excludes the possibility of utilization of a uniform method of calculation. In each case individual, specific approach is required. Therefore, the process of definition of a real value (cost) of intellectual property is extremely complex and demands the appraisers of high level preparation in the field of technical or humanitarian disciplines, with base knowledge in the field of economy, right, marketing, management, book keeping, and also with practical skills in revealing and protection of OIP. Possession of such knowledge may allow one to conduct the assessment at high professional level, which results can be effectively used in all fields of activity.

The qualitative result of the performed assessment expressed in the obtaining of authentic data about a cost of the assessment object is mainly defined by the qualification of the expert conducting the work.

In the company «OtsenkaVolgaService,» the responsible executors of assessment work are the specialists, who are certificated business appraisers (including intellectual property) and, simultaneously, patent attorneys of RU — that is, having the highest qualification in the field of a patent right.

Cause for High Demand of Assessment Services of OIP

Strategy of the business development depends directly on the development of innovative process in the country and region. In the process of economy development, introduction of new technologies, and release of high technology production, objects of intellectual property (OIP) become one of the most important components of actives of the enterprise. Often enough there are cases when cost of the intellectual property of the company surpasses cost of all its material actives and is the basic resource of the company in competitive struggle. Intellectual property assessment — the process of definition of cost of intellectual property in monetary terms.

Necessity for services in estimation of OIP increases inevitably in the light of the present politics of Russian Federation directed to innovative development of economy, increase of competitiveness of the made goods and services, introduction of new technologies, which must become potential objects of patent right and copyright, i. e. objects of intellectual property (OIP).

In the given conditions, the estimation of intellectual property cost is necessary for formation of strategy for management of enterprise basing on its non-material actives.

Besides, an estimate and account of OIP as non-material actives in the account balance of the enterprise allow realization of intellectual property amortization to further and form corresponding funds of depreciation charges at the expense of production cost price.

Moreover, the accurate tendency in the politics of the state is being noticed — the suppression of the release of counterfeit products, in which the objects of intellectual property, for example trademarks, etc, are used. In this connection, there is more and more claimed service in estimation of damage from infringement of the rights to ОIP.

Since fall 2008 and till now, many Russian enterprises have faced the «press» of negative influences of the world crisis in economy. Therefore, «survival rate» at this conjuncture demands from business heads conducting urgent cardinal measures connected with re-structuring, merge, purchase, sale of the enterprises, more active search of innovative decisions of development of business, and introduction of new technologies in manufacturing.

To the enterprises passing through given procedures and incorporating intellectual property and/or other non-material actives, the services of appraisers are in great demand, in particular, for assessment of the business that include the cost of ОIP and non-material actives (NМА).

Moreover, the assessment of OIP is necessary also for:

  • privatizations of the enterprises;
  • entering the rights to OIP as the contribution to the authorized capital;
  • estimation of the price of the license connected with transfer of rights for OIP use;
  • attraction of external financing;
  • crediting on the security of property;
  • insurance of the property containing IP;
  • definition of a rate of commission to authors of OIP and the persons promoting their use;

other cases, when the results of an estimation of IP are considered, or questions of realization or change of the rights to it are mentioned.