On the vast of Russia there are only a little more than a thousand of patent agents. Experts on intellectual property today are trained by the single in Russia Moscow higher school — the RGIIS (the Russian State Institute of Intellectual Property).Hence, it comes as no surprise, that patent experts fall in the category of rare, «piece», specialists, and their skills are to be qualified as exclusive. Nevertheless you can acquire necessary knowledge of patent business without swapping your trade. This is exactly what our seminars and trainings are aimed at

What the Service Is

Topics of the studies are defined by customer requirements. The following exemplary subjects of courses are available:

  • To an engineer’s notice: an invention, a utility model, a know-how...
  • Patent search in the Internet.
  • Branding of business: trade name, commercial designation, trademark...
  • Commercial turnover of intellectual activity effects.
  • Judicial defense of exclusive rights for the intellectual activity results.
  • Resistance to intellectual raidership.
  • The list is open for your propositions!

How We Deal It

  • To start dealing with us: Ring up, arrange about training on your request or enter for a thematic course already scheduled.
  • We hold one-day seminars, three-day seminars-trainings, and personal training. One of the friendliest forms of studies our clients consider personnel on-the-job training on the premises of the customer organization.
  • The lecturers and instructors are the experts of our company as well as invited recognized specialists.
  • The items in point are determined by your demand and the acuteness of issues. A trainee is provided with a study kit, and the course graduators are granted the Certificate.